Morningside College at 125

A Companion to the Centennial Book with New Stories and Hundreds of New Photos

From the founding of the college to today, Morningside College at 125 chronicles the history of Morningside College with a fresh, updated narrative and more than 200 historic photos. From President Lewis to Lillian Dimmitt to the technological revolution, Morningside at 125 covers all of the significant people, events, and stories from our proud past. This commemorative soft cover book is available for purchase at the link above.

Morningside College at 125

In many ways, Morningside College at 125 serves as a companion to the centennial book. In addition to bringing Morningside's history up to date with the events of the past 25 years, this second volume also includes new information and an update to the first 100 years.

With hundreds of new photos not featured in the centennial book, Morningside College at 125 is an updated, comprehensive telling of the storied history of the college.​

Every time I return to research the history of Morningside College, I find something new, exciting, and different!
- Tim Orwig, Author & Historian

Did you know Morningside once had a flight school?

Just one of the many unique facts included in Morningside at 125. During WWII, Morningside ran the Army Aviation Cadet Training Program—the first of its kind, it included a 5-month course to prepare cadets for preflight schools. The training program drastically reduced "washouts" in the advanced schools, helping strengthen our military at a crucial time in the history of the United States.